How to Prepare

How to Prepare
Ready in minutes
How to prepare Ohio City Pasta

How to Prepare

Cooking Instructions

Always cook pasta in pure water at a rolling boil—one gallon per pound. At full boil, drop in pasta and immediately stir to prevent clumping. Each cut requires a specific cooking time, listed below. Please, do not overcook.

Angel Hair 45 Seconds
Spagetti 1 Minute
Linguine 1 1/2 Minutes
Fettuccine 2 Minutes
Pappardelle 4 Minutes
Ravioli 5 minutes
Gnocchi 3 to 4 minutes
Shapes 1 1/2 to 2 minutes
Pierogi 3 minutes & then sauté

Pasta Sauce Pairing

Angel hair

Our thinnest, most delicate flat-cut pasta, angel hair performs best when paired with light sauces. High quality extra virgin olive oil or a thin tomato sauce are easy and delicious options which also serve to coat the angel hair and prevent it from clumping. Combine olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes for a simple, irresistible dish.


Arguably the most famous of all flat-cut pastas, spaghetti pairs well with a wide range of sauces—meat, tomato, oil, cream, and more. To keep spaghetti from clumping, it should be thoroughly coated by the sauce. Combine with chopped tomato, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil for a classic dish that never disappoints.


Fettuccine is a wide flat-cut pasta with potential that spans far beyond alfredo sauce alone! In addition to cream sauces, fettuccine pairs well with meat-based and many other thick sauces. It’s the perfect vehicle for our signature Bolognese. Combine with sausage, broccoli rabe, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Perfetto!


Pappardelle, our thickest and broadest flat-cut pasta, demands a robust sauce to make it truly sing. A ragu or hearty mushroom perform well. Try smoked salmon, sun-dried tomato and a pink vodka sauce. Or round out prosciutto with walnuts and light cream.


Shapes can be paired with a wide variety of sauces, making them a versatile starting point for any great dish. Cream-based and tomato-based sauces are particularly recommended because of the shapes proven ability to soak these. Their size makes them especially suited for family-style dishes as well as pasta salads.