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Fresh Flat-Cut Pasta

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to cook your pasta to order? Can I precook your pasta?

For best results we recommend you cook your pasta to order. When large quantities are needed, follow these guidelines:

  • Prepare your shock water prior to cooking of pasta.
  • Each box of pasta requires 5 gallons of boiling water.
  • When pasta is finished cooking, drain, cool, lightly oil as soon as possible.

Does fresh pasta cook the same as dried pasta?

No, fresh pasta cooks much faster than dried. The exact cooking time depends on the cut, cooking times are as follows: Angel hair 30 seconds Spaghetti 1 minute Linguini 1.5 minutes Fettuccini 2 minutes Pappardelle 4 minutes Note: pasta doubles in weight when cooked.

What is the white dust on the fresh pasta?

Rice flour, we dust all our pasta with rice flour to help prevent the pasta from sticking together.

Can our pasta be frozen?

Yes, it freezes quite well. Frozen pasta cooks best from the freezer right to the boiling water.

What is the shelf life of Ohio City Pasta?

Our fresh pasta will retain its freshness for 21 days when in our new gas-flushed packaging. Ohio City Pasta is not pasteurized pasta.  Our wholesale and most retail packaging is gas-flushed. Heinen's stores are not currently using gas flushed packaging.

Can any flavor pasta be cut into angel hair?

No, angel hair pasta is very fine, therefore some herb pastas (such as garlic & chive) will fall apart because the chives are wider and longer than the angel hair pasta.

Can I order #5 fresh pasta sheets?

No, all fresh cut pasta is packed #5 per box, but fresh sheets are packed in #10 box.

Can I order a specific bundle size?

Yes, our pasta is always bundled in 4 ounce portions but 3,5,6 ounce portions are also available and every box of cut pasta is #5.

How is fresh pasta packed?

All our cut pasta is packed in #5 .lb per case. The pasta is nested in 4 ounce bundles. 20 bundles per case.