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Long before Cleveland became a culinary destination, Ohio City Pasta pioneered an uncompromising passion for excellent food. Hand-crafted in small batches since 1990, Ohio City Pasta is celebrated throughout the Midwest by top chefs and food-lovers alike. Made with the highest quality ingredients, perfected techniques, and careful attention to detail, Ohio City Pasta has earned its reputation as the preferred pasta-maker for the professional.

Gary Thomas owner of Ohio City PastaAlthough production has dramatically increased in the 25 years since owner Gary Thomas launched what was a one-man operation, production methods have remained virtually unchanged. No corners are cut. Nothing is artificial. Ingredients are painstakingly selected and sourced as locally as possible. In the production kitchen, Gary and his team are never content with “good enough."

While Ohio City Pasta does enjoy far-reaching growth, it remains a company with deep roots in Cleveland. Since 1991, it has proudly operated its flagship stand at the Westside Market, a century-old national treasure and the anchor of the Ohio City neighborhood. Meeting the needs of renown regional chefs, participating in citywide sustainability initiatives, sourcing ingredients from local producers—these efforts and many others evidence Ohio City Pasta’s sincere and ongoing commitment to its community.

What's New at OCP

April 23rd, 2021
This light and creamy ravioli is made with a smooth ricotta cheese, grated parmesan and bright refreshing lemon zest. Our Lemon Ricotta Parmesan Ravioli pairs well with a good olive oil and fresh parsley or chives.

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Ohio City Pasta main stand is at the:

West Side Market F1 and F2

216 - 241- 5444 (Market Phone)

1979 W 25th Street Cleveland, Ohio

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West Side Market Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Saturday: 8AM - 5PM
Sunday: 10AM - 4PM
*Market hours of operation may change based on the amount of business for that day.

Production Facility

5299 Crayton Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44104
Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm

Sauce and Research Kitchen

3446 W 117 Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44111